The Mercury News (July 28, 2018)

Editorial: PG&E lacks credibility to make wildfire demands

Wildfires aren’t the only “new normal” in California.

PG&E is at it again, doing everything possible to shirk responsibility for its role in future disasters. CEO Geisha Williams on Thursday had the audacity to say that Gov. Jerry Brown’s new plan to deal with the wildfire liability issue isn’t good enough.

She’s right that the proposal issued by the governor on Wednesday needs work — but only because it threatens to let PG&E off the hook for the utility’s shortcomings at the expense of California ratepayers and property owners.

PG&E has a long history of playing power politics in an effort to pad its bottom line. The Legislature should not make any alterations to wildfire liability laws until it has taken the time to do a full investigation of the impact on California property owners.
— The Mercury News Editorial, July 28, 2018