The Orange County Register (Aug. 6, 2018)

Utility monopoly demands more corporate welfare

By: Shawn Steel and Harmeet Dhillon

So far, the big issue is whether to dole out more corporate welfare to the utility monopoly Pacific Gas & Electric. PG&E’s equipment caused over a dozen fires in 2017 and they’re looking for anyone other than their shareholders to pay the bill.


Sacramento needs to wake up and look out for ordinary people instead of giving us more taxes, more government control of our businesses, and more rewards for well-heeled benefactors – like investor-owned utilities that aren’t satisfied with their monopolies and, instead, want even more special treatment. A very public bailout of utilities while wildfire victims are rebuilding simply isn’t the right thing to do.

This is corporate cronyism at its worst.
— Shawn Steel and Harmeet Dhillon